Eclectic Furniture: a collaboration of multiple design elements merged into one space while simultaneously celebrating each objects individuality. It is a marriage of ideas enhancing and complimenting one another which births a unique balance. It is the cultivation of many thoughts fused to form one story.

Furniture Collections

We are a full service interior design center offering one of the largest in-stock collections of modern, contemporary, and transitional furniture. Our expansive 20,000 ft showroom features hundreds of styles of furniture that are available for next day delivery, even for custom pieces.


Eclectic Elements' occasional furniture designs manage space using structured shapes with emphatic appeal. The synergy lies in the freedom to move from one object to another building vignettes that enrich each room. An effective composition, balance and harmony joins pleasure and practicality.



Eclectic Elements' selection of high-quality accessories are hand-selected from around the world. The composition of each form is intrinsically artistic, visually stimulating, and skillfully complementary to any design concept. We infuse the "true" values of style; ethnic, old world, spiritual, art deco, modern, antique, and zen into multidimensional creations.



Eclectic Elements' dining room fashions are defined by our endless choices of materials, sizes, shapes, bases, and finishes. By ascertaining the logic in the space, function, and beauty, Eclectic Elements is able to engineer a sensuous dining experience. We focus on blending the benevolent with the cerebral to create the sublime.



At Eclectic Elements, we are highly skilled in the illustrious artistry of interior and exterior lighting. Our aim is to engineer lighting that disappears discreetly into the background while bringing the environment you want illuminated into sharp view, soft focus, or anything in between. We are sensitive to the balance between light and art, architectural detail, and fine furniture. Whether it's general, ambiance, task, or accent lighting, we create environments to be appreciated and enjoyed.



Eclectic Elements' offering of bedroom furnishings bring sensuality and wistful indulgence to your most intimate of living space. The functionality of our designs evoke a calming oasis which beckons for attention. A well designed room inspires quiet conversations, warm embraces, and sweet dreams.


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