Our Philosophy

Eclectic Furniture: a collaboration of multiple design elements merged into one space while simultaneously celebrating each objects individuality. It is a marriage of ideas enhancing and complimenting one another which births a unique balance. It is the cultivation of many thoughts fused to form one story.

About Eclectic Elements

Eclectic Elements is a design firm focused on turning client’s dreams and desires into functional living environments. We specialize in original design, innovative space planning, and rich use of color and texture. Our philosophy is to create eclectic and dynamic environments which redefine indoor and outdoor living. The nuance of every project is to construct multidimensional spaces that blur the line between fashion, art, and interior design.

Eclectic Elements specializes in residential and commercial planning and design. We are dedicated to working one-on-one with our clients, understanding their design needs, while remaining budget oriented. Our continued success is built on the principle that each client relationship is based on trust, dedication, and a shared vision. Client centered personal service is the assurance Eclectic Elements unconditionally guarantees. We understand the need for clients to have their environment reflect their sense of style and individuality.

Our design ideology is:

  1. Each space should be as unique as the people who are living there.
  2. The difference between good design and great design is perfect balance in color, space, and texture.
  3. No matter how good it looks, it must feel good as well. Comfort should take the utmost priority.

Eclectic Elements is dedicated to creating personal environments that are aesthetically pleasing, as well as, practical and functional with precise attention to detail. Our talented team of design professionals offer complete interior design services from conception to completion. It is a pleasure for Eclectic Elements to see our client’s dreams and desires become reality.

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